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It's a wonder this inviting, casual, unique, somewhat nostalgic store (and now this website) exist at all.


One day in March of 2014, four friends all at or nearing retirement, who were selling books, movies and records on from their homes, daydreamed of a "real" store where we could meet customers face to face, work together, display merchandise in interesting ways, warehouse items we weren't ready to sell yet, and take advantage of the fact that the Tampa Bay region where we live has many weekly and monthly auctions where interesting art objects and furniture as well as books and recordings can be found.


How We Got Our Name...

Kathy named that dream "The Little Shop of Wonders," Naming it was catalytic; it was an achievable dream. Jim committed his pension then and there to cover initial expenses and leased an available storefront near our homes that also has office and storage spaces where our online sales could continue. And almost before the dream of a store was fully articulated, we fell into creating a real-life Little Shop of Wonders. Merchandise, shelves, counters, tables, licenses, insurance, and days and days of pricing thousands of items all followed in short order.  We opened on May 21. Our first quarterly newsletter (called Wonders) appeared in July. We launched a Facebook page in August. This website launched in September. The store's official Grand Opening month will be October.


Creating a Special Place to Shop...

We wanted ours to be a store of the sort we remember that stores used to be -- on a human scale as unlike the spartan megastores such as Walmart, Walgreens or Barnes and Noble as possible. Sit awhile if you've got the time; bring a friend or make friends with the store staff. Have some candy. Listen to some music. Pet the cat (It's animatronic, by the way, doesn't eat, doesn't shed, doesn't scratch, doesn't bite but acts real and looks adorable.)


The Stuff We Sell...

Our business revolves around acquiring and selling books, movies, music and art objects. In short, we sell wonders. That's what books, movies, music and arts are, after all, wonders; they're invitations to imagine, enjoy, think and take pleasure from life, learn and explore, laugh and cry, find just the right item for a gift or a personal treasure.


Browse through hundreds of CDs, LPs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, VHS, audiobooks and LaserDiscs organized in categories, along with thousands of books for everyone from kids to seniors. You'll find mysteries, fiction, travel, art, sports, health, history, self-help, religion, science, animals, sci-fi, fantasy and at least 2 dozen other categories to explore. Our prices are wonderfully low throughout most of the store. In a special section we offer scarce, rare and collectible items at attractive prices. And there's a bargain bin. And special offers.  It's a place to linger and enjoy yourself and find new things when you return.


We Are Looking For Your Items Too...

The Little Shop of Wonders not only is eclectic but it evolves as customers bring in items that we can sell and customers earn store credit in return; and it evolves as we acquire merchandise from local auctions. We invite you not only to shop with cash or credit cards but also to bring your no-longer-used books, movies and music recordings for store credit that will help you acquire Wonders that please you now.


Enjoy the art and gizmos and hand-crafted items throughout the store; each Christmas season we'll offer these items for sale, then challenge ourselves in the new year to replenish the decor. Can't find a particular book, recording or movie in the store? Give us a chance to search it out for you online. Want to try a tape or disc before you buy; we can help you do just that. Looking for a special gift? We may be just the place. Or give a gift certificate.


Let Us Be The Little Store You're Glad You Found.

And, if you're too far from Clearwater, FL, to visit the store in person, look at the pages on this web site that showcase some of our merchandise and contact us about anything you see or that you hope we have in stock. Also, please, no matter where you are, check out our merchandise offered on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon.





We have a thousands of items available for purchase.  We welcome inquiries about unique products you may be looking for.  Feel free to visit our STUFF WE SELL page  to learn more or visit our SPECIAL/RARE page to view our most unique items available for purchase.



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