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The Little Shop of Wonders


The Little Shop of Wonders has thousands of gently used books individually priced and arrayed in section by genre.  Fresh items arrive almost daily from our customers and from auctions and other sources.  Most hardcover books -- including books pictured on this page -- are under $5 each and most paperback books are under $2.  You can buy a bagful of reading and not strain your wallet!  Use store credit and the cash you pay is cut in half.

Here are the book categories and some sample titles.  You'll notice that in some places where  the subject matter warrants, for browsers' convenience we shelve videos and DVDs alongside similar books.  [For example, in American History, you'll find videos of NASA missions on the shelf with books about the Space Age.]


Featured Books

ART Books are arrayed by artist, by art category, and by How-To.  These are all under $5 each.  More Art Books are in Scarce, Rare & Collectible.

You'll love the BARGAIN BIN with unusual and recent titles for 49 cents, 99 cents and $1.49.  Book Club editions is another Bargain area.

Search the MYSTERIES section, and many others, alphabetically by author.  MYSTERIES, THRILLERS, FICTION, SCI-FI are popular sections.

The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders

PAIRS of books & movies sell for less than the individual items; most pairs are $4 to $10.

HISTORY, organized by topic, includes World and American History and a special section about nearly all the Presidents.

COLLECTIBLES are a growing part of an extensive REFERENCE section which also has word reference, atlases, almanacs & more.

Book Categories

American History

On the shelves we keep American History under General Topics, Early History, 19th Century, Civil War, 20th Century, and Recent.  We also have books about the Presidency and about almost all of the nation's presidents from Washington to Obama.


World History

World History is sorted into General Topics, Middle East, Asia, Africa, England/Ireland/Scotland, Europe, 2nd World War, and Other.



Books about painting and graphic arts are shelved by arts (watercolor, acrylics, pencil, museum collections, history of romantic painting, etc,) by single artists, and as how-to books.



 Books about Drama, Film, Music, Dance and Writing are here in separate sections.


Audio Books

Audiobooks are great for traveling by car if you have either a cassette player or CD player in your car.  We have a mix of CD and audio cassette titles.



This popular section of the store has books shelved in categories of show business, religious, royalty, business, politicians, writers, newscasters, military, and people who are not well known but who have lived through interesting experiences.  Memoirs and autobiographies are included in this section.


The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders

Children and Youth

One of the biggest and most frequently used sections of the store is the area devoted to books and videos intended for youngsters from pre-reading through adolescence.  We keep a large number of Disney books and videos and a large collection of Scholastic books, Judy Blume and other popular authors.  Of course, much of the rest of the store appeals to young people also, especially Animals, Science, Music and Arts, Sports, Fantasy and Biography.



Judging from the number of books in this genre, there's a thirst among readers for sound advice about everything physical. Exercise, walking, yoga, pilates and other fitness videos are included in this section.


General Fiction

Here's where you'll find those contemporary authors of novels and short stories that were well received but aren't associated with a particular genre.  Many first editions and some first novels are here.  General Fiction is a rich area in which to browse for a "good book."


The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders


Large Print


We have works of individual poets, anthologies, and studies of poetry.


We have 100 or so large print books that make reading easy on the eyes.  Most are fiction, mysteries and romances but there are some reference and history also.


Here you'll find books widely regarded as classics, books by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and many other authors.


Movie & Book Pairs

Mysteries & Crime


How often have you wanted to read a book after seeing the movie, or vice-versa?  Whenever we can, we pair up books and movies at a price less than you'd pay for the two separately.  We usually have about 50 of these pairs.


Many readers love these true-crime and whodunit books so, no surprise,  it's one of The Little Shop's most-visited sections.


In this well-trafficked section we have many of the popular authors in the genre and obscure ones as well.  If there's an author you can't find, ask the staff; we have dozens more titles in the back of the store.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

This is one of the most popular sections of the store.  You'll find hardcover books, paperbacks, and many movies on DVD and VHS.



From etiquette to wedding planning to personal finance and more, customers seek both advice and motivation in this section.



Football, golf and baseball dominate our sports holdings, but a dozen other sports from basketball to fishing to hunting to rodeo are represented in this section also.



Espionage and political cabals, spine-tingling suspense and wartime heroics fill this very popular section.  You'll find Dan Brown, Tom Clancy and all the big names and many other writers as well.



Travel books are divided between United States destinations and advice, and World destinations and advice.


The Little Shop of Wonders

And Even More!


You'll find both books and video about animals in the wild, in zoos, on farms, and you'll find advice on caring for pet animals, birdwatching, and more.  You'll also find documentary videos and feature films starring animals.



You'll find several inspirational volumes about getting rich and successful, and even more you'll find how-to books about leadership, salesmanship, accounting, training, running seminars, hiring, managing staff, etc.



We keep a few Christmas books and videos on display year round.  We've got lots more waiting to be put on shelves in November.



Here are dozens of guides to glass, china, coins, figurines and other things that people collect.



We have everything from big general books to gourmet guides to ethnic cuisines to collections of recipes put together by clubs and organizations.


Florida & Florida Authors

Here's where John D. Macdonald, James Hall, James Grippando, Carl Hiassen and other authors who write about Florida are shelved, along with travel and legal and recipes and other non-fiction insights into life in Florida.



Whether you're landscaping a home or planting a vegetable garden, there's ample advice in dozens of books.


Home Improvement/Decor

Whether you're building a home, remodeling a kitchen, adding a deck, or decorating a room, get good advice in this section first.



Here's where you find Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and other writers of bloody, paranormal, ghost, and other spooky tales.  We have many movies in this category also.



You'll find here books about train collecting, sewing, magic tricks and dozens of other pasttimes.




Just for laughs!


Oprah Books

For some years on TV, Oprah Winfrey recommended books to viewers.  Publishers were glad to put out new editions with Oprah's seal on the cover and we've got a few dozen of these.


Personal Finance

Whether you want to die rich or die poor, maximize your income or reduce your taxes, or just balance a checkbook, there's plenty of how-to advice here.



Here are almanacs, dictionaries, atlases, thesauruses and sundry other organized information resources.  Trivia players enjoy this section.



We have Christian books, bibles, and advice about living one's spiritual life well.  You'll find history of religion books, and books about Judaism, Islam and other faiths.  There are videos in this section also.  As one cutomer put it, this where you look for God books.


Science and Technology

From how things work to the limits of human knowledge, from space exploration to textbooks in Chemistry and Biology, this section is a potpourri of interesting books ranging from elementary to sophisticated.



Fans of western books and movies know that these are hard to find because collectors keep them.  When we get them, they sell fast.


The Little Shop of Wonders

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