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We offer recorded music in most genres -- rock, country, classical, R&B and jazz of course but also dance music, oldies, broadway and movie sounds, and many more categories.  Half our 2000 titles are on CD, about 30% are on vinyl LPs and later this year also on vinyl 45s, but don't forget that music videos, concerts and musical movies often are found on DVDs, LaserDiscs and VHS.  Some are still sealed; the rest are in like-new or gently used condition.  Except for some collectible titles, most of our music items sell in the range of $2.50 to $5.  Many children's titles are musical also.  Store credit as with books and movies, reduces your cost by half.


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The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders

MUSIC ON CDs.  Rock, Country, Jazz, Vocals, Latin, Soul, and a dozen more categories.  We have about 1000 titles, almost all under $5.

MUSIC ON LPs.  We like 'vinyl,' as people call records today.  We have 500+ titles in excellent shape and many categories.  45s will be available soon.

MUSIC ON DVD and VHS. Artists often release their concerts, music videos, and recordings in these media.

The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders

MUSIC ON LASERDISC. In the 1980s and 1990s, some of the best music recordings appeared on these high-fidelity discs.

MOVIE MUSICALS. We have hundreds of Hollywood's and Broadway's older films of which musicals remain a popular genre.

BOOKS ABOUT MUSIC. Dozens of show business personalities including musicians wrote or were the subject of biographies.

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