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September 20 to October 18

Get Ready! We have a really big day coming.

We’re ready to party!!  On September 20 our GRAND OPENING banner will emblazon the store and we are ready to party:  New hours, a new website, and a Facebook page are in place.  And there will be plenty of celebratory activity.  From September 20 to October 18, it's time for drawings, giveaways, bargains, and on October 17, a real party.  And more surprises.


Every customer’s invited to party!!

Every customer who comes to the store during our Grand Opening will be invited to the October 17 party and final prize drawing.


Win a gift  certificate!

Every week of the Grand Opening we'll have a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the store.  The first drawing will be Friday, September 26, then October 3, 10 and 17.  You don't need to be present to win, (but you do need to come to the store to enter each drawing).


Free stuff every day

We'll be giving away books, movies and music.  See the list of giveaways on page 2.

Every person who enters the Shop during Grand Opening month will receive a free book (or movie) of their choice from our  bargain bin.   Every day you come into the store you’ll choose, free, one item from a particular category in the store.  For example, on Saturday, September 20, you’ll get a cookbook of your choice.  These are gifts; no need to buy anything.  So... Come as often as you wish!


See the Shop’s new hours, the website address, the Facebook address, and our new e-mail.  They’re on p. 4.

Don’t miss the fun video on the website’s homepage.





Gift 1:  Every day during the Grand Opening, when you come into the store, you can choose one free book from our bargain bin.


Gift 2:  Each day you may choose one item from a particular category for that day.  So plan your visits accordingly.


On each day below you can choose, for free:

Saturday, September 20 1 of more than 100 cookbooks.

Tuesday, September 23 1 young children's book from our shelves.

Wednesday, September 24 1 romance novel from more than 100 available.

Thursday, September 25 1 "thriller" novel from more than 100 available.

Friday, September 26  1 music CD from more than 200 available.

Saturday, September 27 1 mystery / true crime book or movie from more than 100 available.

Tuesday, September 30 1 self-help, home decor or gardening book from more than 100 available.

Wednesday, October 1  1 religious book or video from our shelves.

Thursday, October 2  1 LP album from our stock.

Friday, October 3  1 large print book from more than 50 available.

Saturday, October 4  1 VHS videotape from more than 300 available.

Tuesday, October 7  1 young adult book from our shelves.

Wednesday, October 8  2 45rpm records from more than 500 available.

Thursday, October 9  1 old book from more than 100 available.

Friday, October 10  1  biography or memoir from more than 50 available.

Saturday, October 11  1 health or fitness item from more than 200 available.

Tuesday, October 14  1 LaserDisc from more than 100 available.

Wednesday, October 15 1 horror film (on DVD or VHS) from our stock.

Thursday, October 16  1 TV show video from our stock.

Friday, October 17  1 general fiction book from more than 200 available.

Saturday, October 18  1 item from anywhere in the store (up to $5 price.)

Remember, it's all free.  So stock up!  Grand Openings don't happen twice.





Our customers earn credit toward purchases by bringing in used books, movies or music in nice condition.  Credit applies to almost any item you buy and can reduce your cash price up to half off.  For example, if you've earned $10 in credit, and you shop around the store for $20 in merchandise, you can use your credit to cover $10 of the purchase price and will pay only $10 in cash for your $20 in merchandise.  Occasionally we purchase from customers for cash but, frankly, unless you're moving out of town, credit is a better deal for all parties.

Any store staff member can provide store credit; only Jim, the owner, is authorized to purchase.

You'll earn $1.50 credit for each Blu-Ray; you'll get $1.00 in  credit for each DVD, hardcover book, or LaserDisc.  You'll get 50 cents for each CD (more for sets, of course), and 50 cents each for quality paperback books, LP vinyl albums, or audiobooks.  You'll get 25 cents for each VHS cassette, standard paperback book, or vinyl 45rpm record.








Since July’s first newsletter, there have been many changes to The Little Shop of Wonders.  The website and Facebook page, expanded hours and the Grand Opening may be the most important.   But here are 5 more:

New merchandise.  In the center of the store is a rotating rack full of new, shrinkwrapped merchandise.  If you prefer gifts you give to be brand new, this is your starting off point.  New or gently used, this Shop is an inexpensive shopping place for gifts.  Even for yourself.


The Bargain Bin.  In a former playpen that sits atop a lowrise coffeetable you will find hundreds of books and some video priced at 49 cents, 99 cents, or $1.49.  What goes there?  Quirky things.  You might find slightly damaged books, books (such as an older almanac) that are not the current edition but still useful, obscure books that probably won't sell at our $4.69 or $2.69 or $1.69 prices, and other things hard to characterize.


A large screen TV, a LaserDisc player, a DVD/VHS player, and a turntable.  And a multi-speaker sound system.  When you want to try any merchandise item (unsealed, only, please) before you buy, just ask a staff member to put it on for you to listen or watch.


Costume jewelry.  We acquired a jewelry case and filled it with an array of interesting items.  It's a nice surprise, customers say, and we've sold quite a few pieces at $4 each, 3 for $10 or 7 for $20.

The relaxation area.  Our Little Shop is a friendly place where you can sit for awhile and read a book or enjoy a conversation.  There are 5 chairs of various styles in the front of the store just for this purpose.


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