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The Little Shop of Wonders has thousands of gently used books individually priced and arrayed in section by genre.  Fresh items arrive almost daily from our customers and from auctions and other sources.  Most hardcover books -- including books pictured on this page -- are under $5 each and most paperback books are under $2.  You can buy a bagful of reading and not strain your wallet!  Use store credit and the cash you pay is cut in half.

Jim Mecklenburger
The Little Shop of Wonders


You'll find 1000s of movies, sometimes in a movies-only section, sometimes alongside books on the same topic (such as religion, biography and history.)  Most movies are $2.50 to $5.00 but if you have store credit, your price is cut in half.  Movies are on DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS and LaserDisc.  Some are still sealed; all others are like-new or gently-used.  We have strong collections of Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Musicals, Disney, Children's titles, "oldies," classic and modern TV shows, plus many health and fitness titles.  We have more than 400 LaserDisc titles most of which contain recorded movies, priced from $3.99.  And we have "pairs" including both a book and the movie of the same title.  Customers prefer DVDs, we know, which is fine; but all of these media work well enough that we recommend that a buyer's primary concern be what's recorded on a disc or tape.




We offer recorded music in most genres -- rock, country, classical, R&B and jazz of course but also dance music, oldies, broadway and movie sounds, and many more categories.  Half our 2000 titles are on CD, about 30% are on vinyl LPs and later this year also on vinyl 45s, but don't forget that music videos, concerts and musical movies often are found on DVDs, LaserDiscs and VHS.  Some are still sealed; the rest are in like-new or gently used condition.  Except for some collectible titles, most of our music items sell in the range of $2.50 to $5.  Many children's titles are musical also.  Store credit as with books and movies, reduces your cost by half.

One of the most fun aspects of creating this store and watching it change every week is the variety of intriguing items we find at local auctions and other places.  They add humor, visual interest, a sense of nostalgia, and an element of surprise.  In November and December, most of these items will be for sale and we'll challenge ourselves in the New Year to replenish.  We especially like gadgets, strange lights and lamps, oddly attractive furniture, interesting and visually amusing collectibles and artworks from originals to prints.  Since we're in Florida, we have an affection for birds that are normal here but not in most places.  Being a book store, in part, we like book-ends.  As a music store, we like images of music and as a movie store, classic movie posters.  Bookstores are famous for having cats and birds.  Ours are robotic, and loveable.  We acquired a nice free standing jewelry cabinet that is now full of interesting and often unusual costume jewelry.




We have 100s of books and media for buyers looking for something different.  Typically there aren't many in print, they address a select audience, and may be decades old and beautifully bound or packaged.  Many books in this section are first editions or signed by the author.  Many media items have long been out of print.  Sorry but store credit can't be used for Scarce, Rare and Collectible items.  However, you still save in the store because we offer these same  items also on for higher prices than our in-store prices.  And you don't pay shipping charges.  You'll see a sample of Scarce, Rare and Collectible items near the front of the store, but please ask to see the motherload which is in the office behind the glass window.

The Little Shop of Wonders primarily sells gently-used items but occasionally from customers or from auctions we get items that never have been opened.  You'll find some of these scattered throughout the store but in addition, we have placed a rotating rack of "New, Sealed and Otherwise Giftable" items in the very center of the store.  If "new" is a requirement for a gift you give, this rack is where to look first.  We think a great gift can be a collection of attractive used books or movies or music that you select to appeal to the interests of the recipient; "gently used" in quantity, or a rare collectible, may trump one or two new items.  Either way, new, gently used or collectible, The Little Shop of Wonders is an economical place to gift shop -- for yourself or others.

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