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Jim sells media of all kinds on  Amazon under the name MovieBasket.

Just click on MovieBasket below.


Clem and Dee Dee sell scarce, rare and collectible books on Amazon under the name TomeKatBooks.

Just click on TomeKatBooks below.


All of our Amazon items are housed in the Shop and can be purchased there.

If you buy on Amazon you must shop and pay through Amazon's payment system including Amazon's standard charges for shipping.


If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you're welcome to come see the merchandise before you buy.


The store offers some merchandise in the local Tampa Bay area on Craigslist.  Click here for our current Craigslist listings.   If you want something from our Craigslist entries, please contact the store by phone or e-mail.  If local, pick up your item at the shop.  If we need to ship to you, we'll gladly do so for the cost of shipping (usually about $4 but it depends on the weight of your package).  After you contact us, we'll get back to you with the exact shipping cost.


The store offers some merchandise on eBay.

Just click on eBay below.

If you buy on eBay, please shop through eBay and pay through PayPal.  No international purchases.



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