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The Little Shop of Wonders


The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders


Low and competitive prices --  at which we excel -- are always a boon to shoppers.  And we offer several services to facilitate your shopping:


Store credit. We welcome your gently used books, music and movies.  For these you earn store credit that enables you to buy almost anything in the store for 1/2 price.


Finding items for you. If there's a book, movie or music recording you cannot find here, we'll shop for it online.  You pay the online price plus $4.00.  Generally it takes less than a week for your item to arrive.


Featured items and special offers.  Often we have collections, such as 49 James Patterson novels for $99.  Nearly every month we offer special discounts on certain categories of books or movies or music, such as 2 for 1 on mystery books or movies, the August special discount.


Music and movies in the store.  If you're interested in any unsealed movie or music recording, we'll be happy to put it on our equipment and test it for you.  And when you're in the store, there's always music or a movie playing just for the enjoyment of it.


A place to relax.  We have a comfortable space at the front of the store with several chairs; so, make yourself comfortable; read a book; chat with staff; enjoy a piece of candy.   Throughout the store there also are plenty of chairs and ottomans and stools for your comfort while browsing.


Gift Certificates.  Want to give the experience of shopping at The Little Shop of Wonders to a friend, neighbor or relative, we're happy to provide a gift certificate for any amount you wish.  [Also, if your church or not-for-profit organization does silent auctions, we're happy to contribute a gift certificate.]


Dibs on our Fascinating Decor items. Most of the decorative items in The Little Shop will be for sale in November and December.  If you see something you like and want to be first in line to buy it, we'll take your name and contact information and call you in November.


Keep Up To Date on happenings at The Little Shop of Wonders. Take home our WONDERS newsletter, and follow us online on Facebook and on our web site.







The Little Shop of Wonders
The Little Shop of Wonders


We have a thousands of items available for purchase.  We welcome inquiries about unique products you may be looking for.  Feel free to visit our STUFF WE SELL page  to learn more or visit our SPECIAL/RARE page to view our most unique items available for purchase.



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