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We have 100s of books and media for buyers looking for something different.  Typically there aren't many in print, they address a select audience, and may be decades old and beautifully bound or packaged.  Many books in this section are first editions or signed by the author.  Many media items have long been out of print.  Sorry but store credit can't be used for Scarce, Rare and Collectible items.  However, you still save in the store because we offer these same  items also on for higher prices than our in-store prices.  And you don't pay shipping charges.  You'll see a sample of Scarce, Rare and Collectible items near the front of the store, but please ask to see the motherload which is in the office behind the glass window.


Featured Special & Rare Items

James Dean Anniversary Collection
Battleground of Freedom - South Carolina in the Revolution
Mark Twain - A Tramp Abroad

JAMES DEAN 35th Anniversary boxset.  Dean's 3 movies, a documentary, and a printed photo album.  Movies on LaserDiscs.  Store price: $29.00

BATTLEGROUND OF FREEDOM: SOUTH CAROLINA IN THE REVOLUTION. Nat Hilborn, 1970  1st edition.  Numbered #209.  Signed.  Illustrated.  Store price:  $44.00

A TRAMP ABROAD, Mark Twain, 1880.  Twain's witty essays about people and places he visited.   Over 310 illustrations including some by Twain.  Store price:  $247.50


21 of the 24 books in OFFICIAL ROSTER OF OHIO SOLDIERS, SAILORS & MARINES (World War I) 1927.  Store price $139 for 1 volume, $1999 for all.  [3 volumes of 21 shown]

IN A PERSIAN KITCHEN, Maideh Mazda, 1960.  1st edition.  Signed & dated by author.  Modern versions of authentic Near Eastern foods.  Store price $22.50

SELF-TORTURE AND STRENUOUS EXERCISE. Plays by Harry Kondoleon.  1991.  1st edition.  Off-beat contemporary tragic comedies.  Store price:  $7.65

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